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HIV Drug Research Centre

HIV Drug Research Centre is devoted to development and application of novel chemoinformatics and bioinformatics tools in design of novel improved HIV retardants. Our primary focus is the development of technologies to diminish drug resistance problems in HIV and to obtain effective tools to predict drug resistance patterns from HIV genome sequence.

A current focus is the application of proteochemometrics to this end. Proteochemometrics is a tool for simultaneous analysis of the interaction of series of molecules with series of proteins, such as the analysis of series of proteases inhibitors with series of mutated HIV drug targets.

In recent research we successfully applied proteochemometrics to predict the susceptibility of clinically used protease inhibitors PIs) from the HIV protease sequence, as well as of clinically used nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) from the reverse transcriptase sequence.

The proteochemometric models for drug susceptibility predictions can be accessed from the online services page.

For further information on HIV Drug Research Centre contact:

Prof. Jarl Wikberg
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Div. Pharmacology
Uppsala University
Box 591, BMC
SE751 24 Uppsala

Email: jarl.wikberg@farmbio.uu.se
Tel.: +46-18-471 42 38; Mobile: +46-70-3 449 549
Fax: +46-18-559718

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